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Courteous Law is a Creative Business Lawyer®

What is a Creative Business Lawyer®?

NH Creative Business Lawyer
A Creative Business Lawyer® is the perfect combination of trusted advisor, problem solver, deep listener and keeper of secrets.

A Creative Business Lawyer® asks the right questions and is the professional you need on your team to advise you on the tough decisions that you make daily in the course of your business.  A Creative Business Lawyer® has the unique training, experience and wisdom to support you and your business in ways that other professionals do not.

Large companies employ in-house counsel to support their business by identifying missed opportunities, spotting potential risks and creating risk mitigation plans.

Adding a Creative Business Lawyer® to your company’s team helps your business to proactively address legal, tax, insurance and financial implications of your business’ activities and plans.

Courteous Law is a Family Business Lawyer®)

Creative Business Lawyer

Family owned closely held businesses are the backbone of our economy. Without those companies, our economy would fail. 

Family owned businesses have the typical concerns of any business – employment issues, real estate, contracts, and succession planning. However, family owned businesses have additional and unique challenges of handling family relationships, estate tax issues, and keeping the business in the family. 

Courteous Law has been designated by the Family Wealth Planning Institute as a Family Business Lawyer™  law firm.   Courteous Law will work with you to assure that your business makes the smartest legal and financial decisions throughout your lifetime and that your business is appropriately protected so it can continue to grow.

Business Formation

Business Formation Attorney
Courteous Law can work with you and your accountant to determine the business entity type that is appropriate for your circumstances. 

Courteous Law will help you complete and file the necessary formation documents with the New Hampshire Secretary of State and obtain a Federal Tax ID Number.   

Courteous Law will also prepare any additional documents that are appropriate for your business and circumstances, such as Multiple Member LLC Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Buy Sell Agreements.

Established Business

Business Attorney for Corporations
For existing businesses, Courteous Law can maintain your stock ledger, issue stock, prepare Annual Meeting Minutes and Minutes of Special Meetings and Resolutions, and help you keep up-to-date with your New Hampshire filing requirements. 

Courteous Law can provide assistance with reviewing leases and drafting contracts, with both your suppliers and your customers, drafting and reviewing credit agreements and  provide assistance with drafting the terms of your warranty provisions.

Courteous Law can also assist you with the collection process for non-paying customers.

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