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What is A Legacy Estate Plan?

Legacy Estate Planning Attorney

A Legacy Estate Plan is a plan for managing your wealth while you are alive, distributing your estate according to your wishes after your death and for passing on your legacy. 

Your estate includes all non-financial and financial assets that you own, such as investments, real estate and personal possessions. 

Your legacy includes these items and the family core values that you wish to pass on to future generations.

How Do a Traditional Estate Plan and a Legacy Estate Plan Differ?

Family Wealth Trust
Traditional estate planning is focused on financial assets and avoiding probate and estate taxes.  A Legacy Estate Plan also addresses how to capture and transfer family values and traditions. 

The main component of a Legacy Estate Plan is a Family Wealth Trust, which covers important issues in addition to avoiding probate. A Family Wealth Trust, can per its terms: 

  • Avoid living probate in the event of your mental incapacity
  • Provides security for you and your loved ones
  • Protect your wealth for future generations
  • Include provisions for charitable gifting
  • Fund and offer education incentives for future generations
  • Protect your estate from spendthrift beneficiaries and creditors

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